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Public Service Announcements

Since 1990, Concerned Children's Advertisers has produced almost 40 television PSAs that speak directly to children on problems and issues they may face in their everyday lives. Our campaigns have addressed substance abuse, child abuse, self-esteem, media literacy, bullying, and healthy, active living.

Our PSAs are researched with leading Canadian experts on children's issues and developed with the Concerned Children's Advertisers Creative Committee, in conjunction with some of Canada's best advertising agencies and production personnel — all of whom donate their time and talent. On completion, our PSAs are aired in donated time in prime family viewing hours on stations across Canada. The PSAs also become the basis for our education programs, which are used in every Canadian province and territory, in schools and community centres.

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PSA Buttons Healthy Active Living Bullying Prevention Media Literacy Active Living Self-Esteem Smart Choices Child Abuse Prevention Child Safety Role Models and Mentoring