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Responsible Advertising

As a group of advertisers who responsibly market and advertise their products and services to children and their families, the members of Concerned Children's Advertisers believe that we all have a role to play in helping our children to be happy and healthy while developing to the best of their potential. In addition to our social marketing and education campaigns, Concerned Children's Advertisers is actively involved in upholding responsible advertising practices in Canada.

You can read more about Canada's highly developed and unique system of responsible advertising to children: Responsible Advertising to Children in Canada.

Did you know that Canada has an internationally regarded code of standards for advertising to children? Concerned Children's Advertisers has an active role in upholding this Code, through a seat on the Children's Committee of Advertising Standards Canada, the body that administers the Children's Code. You can read the Code at Advertising Standards Canada PDF.

Canadian industry has developed a white paper on our responsibility and initiatives. Read or print Advertising to Children in Canada PDF.